Only when I know that everything is clean, in its place & smelling amazing can I truly switch off & relax. This character trait of mine was once an incredible source of frustration.

To achieve a spotlessly tidy home is no mean feat, let alone the constant effort it then takes to keep it that way!

However, over the years I found that I didn’t mind my domestic chores so much, in fact, I even started to enjoy them! The pleasure I found in transforming messy to neat, dirty to clean & cluttered to organised simply grew & grew.

Then one day, whilst cleaning my kitchen I thought to myself, how wonderful would it be if I could share this passion & help others to achieve the happiness that I feel when I know my home is gleaming.

This notion became a dream. My dream became a vision. My vision provided inspiration. Inspiration turned into planning & from this Gleamology was born.

Meet Danielle

Hi Everyone,

I am Danielle, the Founder of Gleamology.

I am a Mom, Step Mom & Wife to be. I love to try & keep my family home clean & tidy (despite the best efforts of my children!)

To have people trust me to enter their homes, help them with their housework & organise their personal belongings is such a privilege.

If you feel that I could help you too then please get in touch with me via the form below, I would love to hear from you!

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